Norton Zone要在8/6 停止服務了!

Norton Zone首頁寫了以下內容:

Notice to all Norton Zone Account Holders

Symantec has made the decision to discontinue the Norton Zone secure file-sharing service. As part of this decision, we have reached out to account holders, notifying them of this service termination, and advising them the steps they can take before their files are deleted.
If you’re using Norton Zone for the first time, you won’t be able to sign up.
If you are an account holder, you will have full access to your Norton Zone account, from any device, for the next 30 days.
After July 7, 2014:
You will be able to access your files for another 30 days, but will only be able to access them from a computer (not mobile device)
You will be able to copy files out of Norton Zone to another storage location
You will not be able to perform any other functions, like sharing or creating public links
After August 6, 2014, we will remove all files from Norton Zone and terminate the service. After this date, your files will be deleted permanently, and neither you nor Symantec will be able to access your files.
If you have paid for a subscription to any version of Norton Zone, we will contact you via email and automatically refund your subscription fees in full for the time you’ve been a paid subscriber.

If you’d like to understand more about this decision or how we will handle your account as we shut down the service, please click this link to learn more.
Thank you for being a Norton Zone user. If you have any concerns or questions, email us at
The Norton Zone team
June 2, 2014

現在開始Norton Zone不接受新的註冊帳戶,2014年7月7日以後的30天只可以在一台電腦(行動裝置不行)上讀取檔案,並且可以將檔案下載回自己的電腦中,也無法執行其他功能,例如分享檔案。
2014年8月6日之後,將刪除所有檔案及帳戶,並且終止服務,將再也無法登入Norton Zone。